Heavy Engineering Machines

Lathe Machines

We deal in Lathe Machines suited for a wide range of applications such as Heavy Duty Roll Turning to High Precision Component Manufacturing. Our machines are best suited for industries manufacturing rolls for steel rolling mills, shafts and components for machine tools manufacturing, maintenance purposes and for manufacturing components in high precision tool rooms. Lathe Machines are available in bed length from 3 1/2 ft to 40 ft with centre height and bed width variable as per customer's requirement. Semi Norton, Full Norton, Belt Drive and all geared models available in all sizes.

Pillar Drill

We deal in Pillar Drill machines bestsuited for use in heavy duty fabrication industries and high precision tool rooms. Our machines are available in various sizes varying from 13mm to 50mm in belt drive and all-geared versions.

Radial Drill

We deal in a wide range of Radial Drill machines best suited for use in heavy duty fabrication industries and high precision tool rooms. Machines are available in belt drive, all-geared and with electromechanical clamping. Machines are also available in differentdrilling radius as per customer references.

Hacksaw Machines

Hacksaw machines are widely used in every industry in various cutting applications. We deal in machines ranging in sizes 200-500 dia.


We deal in heavy duty precision shaper machines in both cone pulley vee belt drive and all-geared types of stroke size ranging from 300mm to 1000mm.


For various applications like gear cutting, facing, keyway cutting etc. we offer a wide range of milling machines of various capacities, in belt driven and all-geared types. We offer high precision milling machines in horizontal, vertical and ram turret types.


We offer a wide range of heavy duty planning and plano-milling machines ranging from sizes 4ft to 40 ft stroke length in various widths between channels.

Boring Machines

For heavy duty boring, milling and facing applications, we offer a wide range of fully automatic horizontal boring machines.

Slotting Machines

For making internal keyways and splines etc. we offer slotting machines in various sizes ranging from 150mm to 400 mm stroke.

Cylindrical Grinder

For high precision tool room applications, we offer a wide range of cylindrical grinders ranging from admit between centres 300mm to 2000mm.

Centreless Grinder

For the bright bar and other industrial applications, we offer centreless grinder in various sizes.

Tool & Cutter Grinder

Tool & Cutter Grinder: For grinding of various tools and cutters like drill bits, milling cutters, reamers, taps etc. We offer high precision tool & cutter grinder machines.

Surface Grinder

For high precision die making and other tool room applications, we offer a wide range of surface grinding machines with table feeds both manual and hydraulic.

Bandsaw Machines

For high speed and accurate cutting of round and square bare, metal cutting horizontal Bandsaw machines have become very popular in recent times.
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