Sheet Metal Machines

Power Press

We deal in a wide range of Power Presses. They are either Mechanical Power Presses or even Pneumatic Power Presses.The Power Press Machines are available as C type Power Press, Inclinable Power Press and also Pillar type Power Press.We have both Ungeared Power Presses as well as Geared Power Presses in various capacities.

Press Brake

Press Brake machines or Sheet bending machines as they also commonly called are available both as Mechanical Press Brakes and Hydraulic Press Brakes.Front Cylinder Hydraulic Press brakes are now preferred over Rear Cylinder Press brakes for better speed and accuracy.For better accuracies and optimum production we also offer NC press brakes and CNC Press brakes.

Shearing Machines

We offer a wide range of Shearing Machines for sheet metal cutting.For thinner sheets we have undercrank Mechanical Shears and for thicker sheets we offer Overcrank Mechanical Shearing machines.With the advance in hydraulics, now the preferred machines are variable rake angle hydraulic shearing machines which offer better accuracies and cleaner cut.The Hydraulic shears are available as both NC hydraulic shears as well as CNC hydraulic shearing machines.

Iron Worker

We deal in a very wide range of hydraulic universal iron workers ranging from capacity 45 tons to 165 tons. It is a very versatile machine wherein in a single machine punching, flat bar shear, angle shear, round bar shear, square bar shear, channel shear and rectangular notching operations can be done.

Hydraulic Press

We deal in a very wide range of hydraulic presses, both ‘C’ type and ‘H’ type ranging from 20 tons to 500 tons for various operations like punching, forming, straightening, stamping, embossing and cutting.

Hydraulic Shearing

We deal in a very wide range of hydraulic Shearing machines.
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