Welcome to FoxDen Designs Tattoo, a fully custom tattoo studio located at Prince Anwar Shah Road. We know how critical a decision is to get inked. With utmost zeal and passion we strive everyday to honour each and every client’s expectation. We take pride as our studio is known for exceptional service and high-key of returning customers. Our studio space is relaxed and clean. We place utmost importance to hygiene and use international ink trends. Call us or drop by to get one more tattoo with us.

How much does a tattoo cost?
The price of a tattoo varies as per the artist, design, size and other intricacies of the tattoo. The minimum charge is Rs1200/-. We recommend to visit the studio or contact us for a consultation and get an estimate about the price. We are sure that you will not be disappointed.
What are the consultation charges?
The consultation provided is free of cost where we discuss about the design, size, placement and cost. The tattoo is only done after the complete satisfaction of the customer and the artist.
What brand of tattoo ink/essential is used?
We majorly use international brand inks like Dynamic, Radiant, Eternal, Intenze etc. Utmost importance is given on hygiene and quality.



  • Anupam Choudhury
    I recently availed the services of FoxDen Tattoo Studio. Hence would like to share my experience with them. Both the artists here are extremely professional. I felt very comfortable at the studio. They are also extremely good in terms of hygiene. Furthermore the artwork was exceptional. Thank you FoxDen Tattoo Studio.
    Anupam Choudhury
  • Prasun Sengupta
    Professional yet cordial. Did my first tattoo here and the experience is quite good. The design was selected by me and then they worked on it and the final output was very nicely inked. With a reasonable price, this studio is recommended.
    Prasun Sengupta
  • Pritha Santra
    This is my first tattoo & I didn't had any idea before about the design or anything. Artist Saroj sir did a very good job from building my design till aftercare. Overall I had a great experience. They're quick to reply on dms and very serious & caring about their clients.
    Pritha Santra