How much does a tattoo cost?
The price of a tattoo varies as per the artist, design, size and other intricacies of the tattoo. The minimum charge is Rs1200/-. We recommend to visit the studio or contact us for a consultation and get an estimate about the price. We are sure that you will not be disappointed.
What are the consultation charges?
The consultation provided is free of cost where we discuss about the design, size, placement and cost. The tattoo is only done after the complete satisfaction of the customer and the artist.
What brand of tattoo ink/essential is used?
We majorly use international brand inks like Dynamic, Radiant, Eternal, Intenze etc. Utmost importance is given on hygiene and quality.
How to book an appointment?
You can contact us through call/ WhatsApp. Walk-ins are very much welcome but we do recommend taking a prior appointment as we customize every design based on the need of the client.
Are deposits required against the appointment?
We do require a certain amount deposit to hold your bookings. Deposits are non-refundable and are included in the final price of the tattoo.
What is tattoo aftercare?
As the tattoo is done, the artist will guide you with the entire process of the tattoo aftercare along with an ointment to be used on the skin area with the tattoo. Do not worry, we have your back!
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
Tattoo pain usually varies with every person but majority of our client find it very much bearable. For a starter we suggest smaller tattoos as they are less painful. The artist makes sure that the entire procedure is comfortable and fun for our clients. Trust us as the feeling of getting a tattoo is more rewarding than the pain.
Do you do cover-ups/touch-ups?
We do indeed. We recommend you to visit us for consultation.
Under what circumstances getting inked is off-limits?
Getting drunk or high before the tattoo is prohibited. In case of diabeties the level should not be high. During pregnancy/breastfeeding we do not recommend.